Finnish living in Chelsea

This blog has been in the making for a while now and it’s finally time to get some wordings out there. We’re two sisters who decided to step out of the familiar life in Helsinki, Finland and start the new begin in the city of London, UK. We both are very much into sports and wellness, think that the best way to commute to work is by cycling and have the next trip booked before the first one has even started. We’re also very keen on good food and wines, sometimes find ourselves partying into the early hours and can’t miss a premier of a Marvel movie.

We both get quite a lot of questions from our friends, family, old and new colleagues etc. about our life here in London and we thought that starting a blog could help others to understand the life as an expat in London. Some might wonder who’d want to leave a country that has been defined the happiest country in the world for two years in a row and move to a country which is a political mess and been arguing almost 4 years to leave or remain in the EU. Nevertheless, we’re both here to stay and can’t think a better place to be!

The idea of this blog is to give insights how we see things in our perspective and everything we write is not meant to be anything else than our opinions and our ways to do things. We have our own reasons why we moved from Finland but the main thing for both of us was that we acknowledged that there’s more to live than Helsinki can give us. We’re not here to say that everyone should move abroad and change their lives as we’ve done but we hope to inspire those who’re not feeling happy about their lives to make something to change that!

Let the new decade to be the best one so far!



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