Life in Chelsea

Chelsea. The best place in London which I’m happy to call my home.

One of the best thing about London is that it’s full of vibrant boroughs and cool different neighbourhoods. There’s something for everyone. I’ve told already that there wasn’t any love at fist sight moment when I first visited London. I hate big crowds and if you spend a fair amount of time in Oxford Street or Piccadilly Circus, big crowds are exactly what you’ll get. I find it fascinating how diverse the different areas of this city can be. Sometimes only a short tube ride can take you somewhere which feels like a totally different city, even a country. What I know now is that reason I didn’t thought much about this city after my first visit was only because I hadn’t found my favourite place in London.

The Vale - Chelsea

You live in Chelsea, you must be posh

Chelsea in known to be a very pricey area and indeed some of the most expensive streets of the whole UK are located in this neighbourhood, one just around corner from our home. That doesn’t mean that you have to be millionaire to afford living here. Obviously it helps… There’re also multiple Michelin star restaurants in this area, one with 3 starts, but there’re also a lot of places where you can have a bite without splashing the money. You can sip £30 drinks in hip cocktail bars or you can go to a nearby pub to have a pint, well a glass wine as I don’t drink beer. You can do your shopping at Sloane Street where you can find most of the luxury brands or you can update your wardrobe at Zara in the Duke of York Square. You can spend £500 a month for your gym membership and get someone to swipe the equipment after you’ve used it or you can join a boot camp and do your exercises in on of the parks in the area. Something for everyone.

No Chelsea related posting without a picture of Albert Bridge

What I’ve discovered is that there’s definitely some kind of a mental image which people will get once you tell them you’re living in Chelsea. It’s usually that “oh” which comes first. It’s amazing how much just where you live can change how others are relating to you. In most of the cases it’s all good and you’ll just get few comments about the neighbourhood but occasionally people can even start to be rude towards you and label you to be someone who’s living through their parents wallet. It’s true that the rents are higher over here but not that significantly if you want to live in Zone 1-2. Yes, it’s still a posh area but that’s how I like it. For me Chelsea is a match made in heaven. There’s no place in the world I would rather live. I wouldn’t mind having some second homes around the world though.

What is Chelsea

I really much enjoy showing my family and friends the charm of Chelsea, the side of the city which you probably don’t discover if you’re having a weekend trip to London. It’s an absolutely beautiful area with a rich history. When living in Helsinki, I loved being by the ocean and I find water to be a very calming element. There’s no ocean nearby but we have Thames flowing across the city and Chelsea is one of the boroughs by the river, and actually the name Chelsea originates from an old English term for landing place. The high street of Chelsea is King’s Road which used to be a King Charles II’s private road to Kew. Chelsea is also the home of one the best known football clubs in the world. And of course featured on a reality TV show called Made in Chelsea.

Chelsea Embankment

For me Chelsea is my happy place and I mostly want to stay in my neighbourhood. Obviously one have to work and I spend most of the weekdays in Kew (unlike King Charles II I don’t have a private road and have to cycle among others to get there) which is a nice little “village” in West London. The location of Chelsea is quite perfect if you ask me. You have access to District, Circle and Piccadilly lines, and you can easily get almost everywhere. In the walking distance you have multiple great museums which you can discover with a free admission. In South Kensington you have Natural History, Science and Victoria & Albert museums and in the Duke of York Square you can find the Saatchi Gallery. The museums also have a lot of cool events including “lates” on the last week of the months where you can discover the the museums after hours with a dj playing tunes while you go around the venue with a drink in your hand. You can also have sleepovers, movie screenings, silent discos and yoga sessions in these amazing venues.

There’s a lot of green spaces in Chelsea and in the nearby neighbourhoods which I truly appreciate. There’s not really any high buildings and sometimes you forget that you’re actually in a multi million city when you’re walking in the streets in Chelsea. As there’s no major tourist attractions other than the museums in South Ken you’re usually surrounded by people who’s either locals or working here so you avoid the big tourist groups. I always have a sigh of relief when I come back to Chelsea from the busier areas of the city. I may be mentally using the same filter they use when filming Made in Chelsea however still day after day I’m enchanted by the beauty around me; magnificent buildings, well kept gardens and huge flower arrangements.

King's Road in May 2019 all prepared for the Chelsea Flower Show

As much I love Chelsea I don’t think there’s a place in the world without any problem. Even the brightest filter can’t make the problem London has with the homeless people invisible. You will spot few of those unfortunate ones without a roof on top of their heads in the streets of Chelsea as well. Luckily there’s a big charity community to help that problem in UK including the Glass Door Homeless Charity which is based in King’s Road.

If you’re interested to hear more about Chelsea, stay tuned as there’ll be a lot more writings to be posted about it!


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