A walk in a cemetery

It’s been already more than three weeks since the company I worked for announced we all will be working from home to help ease the spread of Covid-19. Little did we knew at that point that the initial two week period would be only the begin of a (very) long time locked down in our homes. After what I’d call a slow start, the UK government made a quick turnaround with their strategy to fight against the outbreak and step by step our normal life as we knew it was gone.

During the last few years I’ve followed a fair bit of the UK politics thanks to the everlasting Brexit debates and I wouldn’t call myself a pro Boris person. It’s been a challenging time for everyone however when the faith of a nation is in your hands it’s probably slightly more stressful than on average. In a crisis like this feels like there’re plenty of people turning into pandemic experts and criticizing everything the government is doing. I’m glad the modelling I do for work is only impacting how many loyalty miles/points are issued rather than how many people gets an infection and ends up to a hospital. I’m definitely not an expert to say how we should play this war and I’m relieved that I don’t have to. I’m not a fan of our Prime Minister however I must say during the last couple of weeks I’ve started to have a higher respect to Boris Johnson and I do trust the people in charge will make the right decisions with the help of the real experts.

Once a day rule

The nation is in a lock down however we’re still allowed to have one daily exercise outdoors. And for my mental health it’s essential. My daily routines have been more or less the same for years already and sports are very heavily involved in those routines. As I haven’t been able to cycle to our office for nearly a month now, I’ve eased my pain by cycling past it on a few of my daily exercises. It’s amazing how quickly we can adopt to new routines and I’m already quite used to planning my days around home workouts, runs, cycles and walks however I do miss my old life and I severely miss swimming.

In England the once a day rule is an advice not an actual law as it is in Wales. There’s no-one who’s actually observing people and counting how many times each goes out however if you’re stopped by a police and you fail to give a valid reason to be out, you can get fined. And I think it’s fair. I’m really frustrated when hearing that there are people not following this or any other measures taking place at the moment. It’s really irrelevant what those people think about the virus, the rules are same for everyone and by ignoring them you’re just being utterly selfish. If those people doesn’t care about saving lives, I’d assumed they want to get back to the normal life and the only way to do that is by playing by the rules. And what I fear the most that because of these ignorant bastards (sorry about the language), we’ll lose our privilege of having our time outdoors.

Brompton Cemetery

This open space has become my go to place during the last few weeks. It may sound odd wanting to go to a cemetery when there’s a severe virus swiping around the globe however I find it very calming environment to be. Although that probably wouldn’t be the case if we’d be having the lock down in rainy Autumn time rather than in Spring…

Brompton Cemetery is one of the 10 Royal Park destinations and it’s been open since 1840. And I think the fact that the cemetery has been there for nearly 200 years already is the main reason it’s so empowering place for me. Over there you can also be surrounded by the nature and almost forget that you’re in the middle of a multi million city. As frustrating as the current situation may feel sometimes, walking on the pathways in the cemetery takes my mind to those people walking there before me. In 200 years we’ve been in way more desperate positions and can’t even think about what those people coping with the world wars had to deal with. But nevertheless life goes on, it always do and after this we’re coming across just a bit stronger and wiser, or I sure hope we are!

Only time will tell how long we have to live with these new restrictions but until then the best way to help everything to go back to normal is by following the rules. I hope that for the remaining time with the limitations I can still enjoy my daily time outdoors and I’m definite that Brompton Cemetery will have a special place in my heart for the rest of my life.


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