London lockdown – 3 months update

Is it really 3 months since the lockdown started? I mean an entire quarter more or less isolated? Normally I’d say time flies when you’re having fun but the last months have been quite far from what I’d call fun. It hasn’t been all bad though. We just had the sunniest Spring in record with nearly 700 hours of sun, and I’m confident to say that I got more out of the Spring this year than I could have ever got without the pandemic. When you can only go out once a day (that was until mid May) you want to make it count and when the Spring is showing its best, what’s a better way to spend the day than basking in the sun in a park or by the river. Ok, I would probably prefer enjoying the day at a nice terrace but in these extraordinary times, you have to settle to the second best. Or even third.

If anything, the last months have been a big emotional roller coaster with all its ups and downs. Whereas it has been good to just stop for a minute and forget all the pressure you’re getting from several different directions, the other side is a pure desperation of not being able to socialize, see your loved-ones or even just go outside your own home. Overall I feel like I’ve managed this difficult time period pretty well. However I’m ready this to be over now and the moment the pubs are open again, you can be sure that I’ll be there!

Lockdown birthday

This year, as so many others, I had my birthday when the nation was in a lockdown. It’s not that I had big plans for my birthday anyways however in I was assuming I could at least raise a glass with my friends in a pub or have a nice meal in a restaurant for this special occasion. Later just being able to have a picnic with friends would have been a splendid way to spend the day but that was against the law as well. My birthday was actually just a day before the rules were to some extend eased here in England. Not that one day made that much of a difference though. The new rules only meant that there wasn’t limitations how many times you can go out anymore and you could see one person outside your household in a park or other outdoor space with a distance of 2 meters. I’m lucky that I live with my sister and I had at least someone else to spend the day I turned 32.

It may not have been a birthday I was expecting to have but for sure it’s one to remember the rest of my life. To make that May Tuesday to feel a bit more special than all the other days we both actually put some makeup on, changed our home office wears into dresses and high-heels, and had a Michelin star dinner delivered to us by Hakkasan. If you want to look at the bright side, at least this birthday celebration didn’t cause a massive hangover!

Easing the lockdown

Finally we’re at the point when we’re getting some sort of normality back into our lives and the rules are slowly relaxed. Although I’m not sure what’s “normal” anymore. I’m very fascinated how quickly we’re able adjust to the changing environments. What may have felt odd in March is a new normal now. The old habits are replaced by new ones and you start to forget how was it like be in the office with others, going to a super market without queuing up, being in a crowded pub or even walking past someone without social distancing. But I’m sure we’ll be slipping into the old behaviours in no time!

June can be seen the month when the restrictions started to ease. We’re still far from business as usual and trust me, it is hard to see how most of the European countries starts to have most of the businesses back up and running and we’re still in a lockdown. Some of the pupils are now back in school, dentist are finally operating again (although it will take a while before you can get an appointment to fix the missing tooth filling which we both, me and Milla, are waiting desperately), outdoor markets are allowed and starting from mid June, high-street shops and department stores can open again. Also I was happy to hear that Zoos and car cinemas will be allowed to open next week as well. But we still have to wait weeks until pubs, restaurants and hairdressers are allowed to open again.

We’ll meet again!

There’s no deny that UK wasn’t among those countries who managed this pandemic best. We are the worst hit country in this continent. There’s a lot of things that should have been handled differently and there are many flaws how the system works. However it may sounds odd but this lockdown period has convinced me even more than before that I am where I belong. When you can’t travel around the world whenever you want, you better make sure that you live in a place which you consider to be the best place in the world and you don’t mind being stuck. Due to this pandemic I’ve already missed trips to Malta, Monaco, Italy and Canada in just three months however instead I was given a journey to London. I’ve discovered areas of the city I probably wouldn’t have gone otherwise and I’ve been speechless of the beauty this city holds. Despite everything, I’m glad I was in London when the lockdown happened.

We’ll Meet Again
Don’t know where, don’t know when
But I know we’ll meet again
Some sunny day

Songwriters: Charles Hugh / Ross Parker Clarke


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