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We’re two sisters living together in London and enjoying the endless possibilities the city has to offer!

Mimosa – Living in London since August 2016

I always wanted to move abroad but to be honest, I never thought that I would end up to London however I’m extremely happy that life happened and that I’ve been able to call London my home for nearly 4 years already!

When I came to London, my first flat located in South Kensington and really fell in love with the area and the whole city. Once my sister moved here as well it was time to find a bigger place for us which was found less than a mile away in Chelsea.

I have a robust work experience from Corporate Finance side and currently working in a Commercial Finance position in a company dealing with Loyalty currencies (I know, I wasn’t aware either that those were an actual thing before joining the company) with a small London office and headquarters in Canada.

My days are usually filled with sports, I cycle to work and enjoy my morning workouts. I love food whether it’s self made or reserved in a nice restaurant. And I love good wines and especially Champagne. Travelling is a big passion of mine and love to learn more about other cultures.

Milla – Living in London since May 2018

Ever since I remember I’ve been toying with the idea of moving abroad. Even though my life was perfectly decent in Helsinki with a good job, lovely friends and amazing travels, I was just never able to shake off the feeling that there must be something better than decent for me out there.

Even though we’ve always been close with my sister, when she moved to London I had no intention of following her. After all, this was the perfect opportunity to create our individual identities over thousand miles apart. However, now I had this perfect excuse to visit London every couple of months and I just fell in love with the city.

As my career is in finance and London being the finance capital of Europe, the move was a logical choice career wise as well – even with the Brexit looming in the background. I currently work for a boutique Asset Management company with the office based in Covent Garden and therefore, my life is pretty much happening within zone 1. However, with running being one of my biggest passions, my runs usually take me to explore the different parts of the city which beauty I always try to capture in photos.

Even though I definitely wouldn’t call my life just decent anymore, I haven’t lost the spark for travelling and exploring other countries. I still can’t go on without at least one flight ticket waiting in my emails but the difference is – I always love to come back home.

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